WordPress vs. Other Social Media


WordPress vs. Twitter

  1. Word limit:

Twitter only allow users to tweet within 140 characters, which lead people to focus on their main points and make long sentence short. As a result, tweets are usually simple and straight forward, without much detail.


WordPress does not have a word limit on their users’ blog posts. Hence, people using WordPress often use academic-style and long, complex sentences in writing, which could enable people to get full understanding easier, but spend more time.


2. Topics:

Twitter is a great platform if the goal of your blog is to arouse, motivate and inform. There are always hot topics to tweet and tweeting about that has turned to become the way news is now distributed, quickly, simply and to the most interested parties, all at once.


WordPress is the place where you could write anything that you are interested and meet with people who share your habits. Everything could be discussed or researched through WordPress. Topics in WordPress are broad, but specific-based on individual interests.


3. Purpose & Environment

If you want to be famous and make money, or at least want your ideas and opinions could be seen by more people, Twitter is your best choice because of its powerful worldwide social network and the large user population. However, this might lead twitter to contain a lot of spams, advertisements, and other types of junk information.


On the other hand, WordPress has a more silent, but efficient environment. People writing blogs on WordPress are usually encouraged by their own motivation. Therefore, WordPress could be a great place to publish information of public organizations which are not aiming at economical profit.


4. More and more…

There is a very enlightening article named “Blogging Vs. Microblogging: Twitter’s Global Growth Flattens, While WordPress’ Picks Up” written by Erick Schonfeld in 2009 about blogging vs. microblogging. More comparison could be found here:



WordPress vs. Facebook

This is an old topic and this comparison has been going on for years. Instead of listing my points here, I would like to quote the opinion from another WordPress blogger, Marty Sharp, who has explained exactly what I want to claim:

“I see facebook as the modern version of the telephone you use it to organize your personal life, more of a superficial social hang out where short witty comments are preferred over comments with depth.  There is nothing wrong with that but if you are the type of person that likes depth of interactions facebook can sometimes leave you feeling a bit disconnected when people fail to engage.   Personally I think wordpress is way better than facebook as it is a very powerful publishing program that looks more professional for those wanting a public presence or closed community amongst their close friends on the internet. It also gives you an alternative social forum when you want to stay in touch with people without adding them to your facebook; it gives you the means to say NO and YES at the same time to new acquaintances. While wordpress is good for discussion with meaning the downside is it is more complex in mechanics and frustrating to learn.  I’m still learning after using it for 1 year but when you finally know what you are doing it is just amazing… In my opinion wordpress certainly has the potential to challenge facebook’s dominance in the future; it is rich in content and is just waiting to be exploited under a new business strategy.”


More interesting resource to be found about WordPress vs. Facebook:

AVC: The Difference Between WordPress and Facebook. The discussion under this post is really amazing!


Three Wise Guys’ WordPress: Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Blog. Again, DO NOT miss the awesome comments!



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