Library and Social Media

Today, information is everywhere.

By receiving various types of information, we decide where we would have dinner tonight, what are there in the restaurant, and how we could get there. With a cell phone and a WIFI access, we can barely get everything that we want to know, and yes, libraries should be included.

Right now, libraries are trying to get used to a new world that is full of social media. They need to promote their information and resources through such an efficient way to attract the attention from their patrons. Those days with a colorful painting poster sticking on the front door of the library are gone.

There is an interesting article from American Libraries Magazine that posted on July 16, 2013 called “How Libraries Are Using Social Media”, and here is the link:

At the end of the article, the author said:

“It creates a new space for libraries to have value.”



“How Libraries Are Using Social Media”, American Library Association, July 16, 2013. (Accessed May 13, 2014)


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