Interview Records


During the project, I interviewed two student employees who are working or were responsible for the update of library jobs blog by utilizing WordPress for the School of Library and Information Science of UW-Madison. Below are quotes from the interviews: 

 “I think WordPress is a great library tool for how we use it, which is to post announcements and jobs listings.  We basically use it as a virtual bulletin board.  “

“Many jobs blogs are hosted on WordPress because it’s a simple platform with simple ways to input metadata.  It’s really searchable for users and easy to navigate for our purposes.”

“I think one big con is that because WordPress is more of a blog format rather than a social media format, we get less viewers.  However, users can create settings to get postings in their email.  I find this weeds out all of other kind of superfluous stuff on Facebook and Twitter that may allow for your announcement to get lost.  When I get an email from WordPress about a job announcement, I immediately go check it, whereas if I had to sift through tons of other junk on Facebook or Twitter, I’m sure it would get lost in all that noise.”

“I don’t think WordPress is hip enough for young adults and teenagers.  I think that’s where Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram will win.  However, WordPress is great for getting messages across.  I think it would also be a great way for young adults and teens to self publish their own work through library programming, but not necessarily to promote library resources.  It’s too wordy for promoting, and it has no sense of followers or people liking it.”


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