Drawbacks of WordPress



  1. The most talked about issue with WordPress is security. WordPress is so popular and the endless supply of themes and plugins is a constant source of vulnerable code. Although libraries don’t need to worry much about the security issue, they still would better to consider about the possible problems such as copy right issue in such an open source environment.


  1. Professional publishers with a multi author and editor setup often find that WordPress lack basic user and role management capabilities. It is possible to extend WordPress through multi-author and role management plugins, but it is not always as good as using a CMS with these functions included in the core. In libraries, the change of daily maintenance employees could have a totally different habits and customs, thus influencing the consistency of the whole online resource.


  1. Many free WordPress themes and plugins are not updated and supported making it difficult to keep everything running when the WordPress platform itself is updated. It could be both time and money-consuming for libraries to maintain their posts and websites.


  1. Unlike other social media, the effort which WordPress has made on the choices for the appearance and personality setting for their users’ blogs is far from enough.  It’s a huge disadvantage for young people who always keep chasing new and creative things. As a result, young adults and teenagers might lose their interests in WordPress soon after they find out that there is nothing new.

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