Benefits of WordPress in Library



  1. WordPress provides an easy platform, like no other CMS for installing, using and developing without having complete knowledge of PHP and other languages. This could enable librarians to build online resources for the promotion of library information and collections. Librarians would provide efficient services without knowing much about behind the scene stuff.


  1. The menu options provided in WordPress are much simpler and effective to use than most other CMS. It’s way much easier to display various formats of resources and have different setting details by utilizing WordPress. It would greatly reduce the technological requirements for the librarians. Instead, they would be able to spend more time on cataloging and reference services, which belongs to their professional studies.



  1. The powerful back-end of WordPress allows you to update any website content and add any information if needed afterwards so that the online resources could keep updating with the changes happening in the real libraries. As a result, people would receive or be capable of searching information about libraries through online edition before they actually go there.


  1. It is a huge advantage that WordPress has a large number of themes and feature rich plugins available to make online resources more easy and effective. One of the new and powerful plugin that WordPress recently had is Facebook. With plugins like this, WordPress might be able to attract much more young patrons’ attention through their utilization of Facebook and have opportunities to get this new group of users involved into the whole community.


  1. WordPress has an incredibly huge amount of user community. The community advantage that WordPress offers as being favorite of a large number of users, so that every patron can always enjoy tips and tricks of WordPress from others. More than that, corporations among libraries themselves via WordPress could be built and enable different groups of users to get to know other types of materials and collection. This could also help libraries to have younger patron followers.

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